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Top Best Party Planning Advice Malta #11 – That change the way YOU organise events

By July 22, 2022July 30th, 2022No Comments

#11 – Choosing Your Food?

Food is what brings us together and one of the most important factors that make or break the event especially if you are a food lover like myself.

There are several factors to consider when preparing or ordering the food:

Such factors include:

  • Type of occasion. (corporate event, a birthday party, a simple get together, tea parties, holy communion, baptism, confirmation or even big event such as a wedding)
  • You will need to decide how much time you have in devoting to get ready for this party and your budget.
  • Number of guests.
  • Duration and time of event.
  • The season.
  • What kind of event (sit-down dinner, a buffet, an afternoon BBQ, or a cocktail party).
  • If there is a specific theme set for the event (Time-based, Movie or book based, Location-based, Sports-based, Nature-based, Colour-based).
  • Equipment available.
  • Be aware if your guest’s have any food restrictions (eg. food allergies, gluten intolerant, vegetarians, vegans, cultural backgrounds etc).

Make sure you have a variety of different kinds of foods (so that everyone will have something they like).

For buffet and cocktail parties, try to have finger foods or things that are easy for people to help themselves.

Sit-down dinners have more flexibility in food choices since the hostess is usually helping to serve but then again depends in how you would like to spend the event.

Either focusing in serving your guests or focusing in enjoying the event and interacting with your guests.

If you are making things that you have never made before, try them out at least once before the party so you know you like them (unless you and your guests don’t mind the odd food flop).

Preparation is key!! so try to get as many “make ahead” menu items as you can. The least amount of cooking to do on the day of the party, the better.

Should you have any questions related to this week’s tip or need further assistance/guidance with party planning please feel free to contact myself or one of our top event specialists in our team that are always willing to assist. Wish you a super great beautiful weekend!!

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