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About Ta Xmun

In the year 2010, dedicated to his grandfather Xmun, Ronald Borg filled with passion and experience for this craft he re-started from scratch his own family business, doing one thing which he knew best and that's baking.

With our fresh, genuine and indulgent pastries we hit the market once again, decades of recipes, tradition and dedication which were withheld until then. The hard work paid off as the demand for our products and services is constantly increasing.

Our Secret

Our secret of our success is in our philosophy that each and every product we offer is made with passion from only the finest ingredients and we are committed to offer the best service by going that extra mile in order to exceed ones expectations. As a result we are bind to offer a total experience of excellence on a whole new level.

Our History

Our history in the catering industry dates back four generations. It all started when Xmun Borg our great grandfather started his own business in the 1930’s in the Manderaggio, Valletta. It was a period where all the great bakers started from. He started in making ´pastizzi` a local traditional delicacy and confection items.

After some years in business the Second World War took off. It was one of the hardest times for everyone and his children. Post war Xmun Borg moved back to the Manderaggio to continue doing what he always wanted. However after some time he had to move to Strada San Marco as the government of that time wanted to reconstruct the Manderaggio.

In Strada San Marco he expanded his business together with his sons and continued his passion for baking and confection. It wasn’t long after they started to be known for their genuine products and felt the necessity to move into an even larger premise in Republic Street. Consequently he became one of the leaders at that time in big catering events, with two to three weddings per week.

Carmelo Borg one of his sons inherited this art of baking and confection and continued to develop it over time when he left his father and joined the Navy. During those times he fell in love with our grandmother and wasn’t long after he got married and started to work with Emmanuel Cachia her father, where he expanded and developed her father’s business.

They had four children where their elder son being Ronald Borg. He was born and raised in an environment surrounded by pastries, confections, food and ice-cream. From a very tender age he was helping out his father and like his father he inherited this art and passion for baking and confection, whilst perfecting it within the years. After 25 years working with his father he went to specialise into Ice cream for further 10 years, gaining several experience in different levels within the industry.

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