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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. A celebration to be cherished forever, a day filled with excitement and passion as you embark on an emotional venture with your partner, and as you exchange your vows you can count on us as we have also committed ourselves to our own oath of excellence.
Our team at Ta’ Xmun will help you go through step by step what you are looking for in order to make your day a one to remember.

Step 1: Consultation: One of our event specialists will contact you to gather all of the necessary information we require. We want to understand your visions, what you love to eat, if your family has any allergies or special dietary requirements and much more. We do go into further detail such as location, season and surroundings.
As for the wedding cake and sweets our skilled team of bakers and patisseries will guide you through what you are looking for assuring the best quality that we are known for.
From start to finish, we’ll turn your wedding day wishes into a deliciously edible reality.

Step 2 Proposal: We take a good look at your event requirements, and consult as a team to create the best proposal possible for your wedding day. We understand there are many decisions to make for your wedding day, and we are always very transparent with our proposals, to make sure you aren’t surprised with extra costs closer to your special day. A comprehensive PDF proposal is sent over to you and your family to review.

Step 3 Revisions: The same event specialist will follow up with a meeting or phone call to go over all of the proposal details with you. Any questions can and will be answered. At this point we create a revised event proposal for you.

Step 4 The Tasting: We feel this is the most important part. We invite you and your family to our kitchen to taste some of the menu items that were included and recommended in your event proposal. We talk about your wedding in more detail, and share our love of food with you.

Step 5 Booking Confirmation: By now you understand what makes Ta’ Xmun caterers different, and contract us to cater your most special day. A signed contract and deposit is obtained. From that point forward the date in our calendar is reserved for your wedding. We are thrilled!

Step 6 Month-Out Meeting: During the time leading up to your wedding we welcome emails, calls, and meetings to ensure all of the elements of your event are lining up correctly – as well as keeping us up to date with your RSVPs. At the one-month-out point, we schedule and intensive meeting at our office to go over all of our guest service questions and to help give you and your family peace of mind leading up to your big day.

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Special Occasion

Whether it’s Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Graduation, Confirmations or Holy Communions we are honoured to be part of these special moments in our client’s lives.
Planning and producing a high-calibre private event can be a daunting task. There are many components to consider: event staff, rental organization, location set-up, floral arrangements, wine & liquor service, premium coffee service, and of course delicious food and pastries. Ta’ Xmun Caterers can take care of all these important details and coordinate an event that will be long remembered.
We will work with you to create a custom menu to suit the particular tastes for you and your guests; Ta’ Xmun caterers can cater any sized party, with any number of items – just tell us what you’d like, and we’ll take care of the rest. Let our experience and knowledge give you the peace of mind to enjoy yourself!

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